Although born in the outskirts of Chicago myself, my family has been brought up in and around Toronto for many generations. Growing up our annual trip to visit relatives was an 8 hour drive up to Toronto. At an early age I got a feel for this city and as I grew up always felt a connection with it. In my teenage years I got to explore more of it on my own as I visited my sister once she became a Torontonian. After university I knew there was only one place I wanted to be. Downtown Toronto. Ever since then I’ve fell in love with this city – enjoying the different neighborhoods, the vast diversity of people, the hustle and bustle, the culture. 


Realizing how proud people are of this city and their love to express it, I thought there was a chance to start something different but all familiar to us. Whether it’s something we see or ride every day, a place that brings people together or small landmarks that true Torontonians understand. I started Champagne Sundays to help people express that and their love of this city.


Whether you were born here, moved here or just feel a connection to this city, we want to help you represent it.